Attorney Search

HerrmannLAW performs high-quality executive searches for legal talent in all practice areas. We work alongside firms to help them grow. What drives growth; more lawyers, more clients, more matters explain revenue growth! Our consulting team partners with law firms to help them define their vision of what new hires must accomplish to be successful in their organization. We meet each client’s evolving recruiting needs, and we are a trusted advisor, providing career-long counsel. Additionally, we connect with potential law firm candidates to learn about how their expertise and abilities may fit with our client’s vision and needs.

At HerrmannLAW, we do things a little different — we do not work within the low-hanging fruit business model of most recruiters, and we do not work on a commission. We identify the specific needs and markets of each of our clients, all for a fee that is half the cost of a typical recruiter. We understand your market and we are present where the most successful attorneys go. We understand that organizations thrive the most when the fit is perfect for both a law firm and a lawyer, and we strive to facilitate that process.