Why Website Traffic is the Most Important Indicator for Future Revenue

I have worked with and interviewed hundreds of attorneys, and you may be surprised to know that even the most conservative partners agree that a good website is key to bringing in business.

Why is it important, though? And how can you increase your website traffic to improve your business development?

To start, your website traffic is the single most important measurement for “Return on Investment” (ROI) marketing activities, and is also the leading indicator for your future revenue.

It is proven that increased website traffic increases the amount of business you will generate. Therefore, you need website traffic to make your site successful, as the greater the number of visitors, the more people are seeing your content. With increased visitors to your site comes more prospects interested in utilizing your services.

And, if you know your website traffic, you’ll have a great benchmark. You’ll know whether you’re growing or not, and you’ll have a better idea of how to improve for the future.

HerrmannLaw uses ranking systems that can tell you exactly where your website stands in terms of website traffic compared to your competitors. We can provide web traffic data, global ranking, and other information that will help provide that crucial web traffic benchmark on which you can improve.

How do you get quantity and quality visitors to your website traffic without the high expense of purchasing Pay-Per-Click (AdWords) or Directory Listings (FindLaw)?

Organic Quality Visitors are as easy as 1-2-3. Really, its just three things:

1) Increasing Authority (focusing on trustworthy links)
2) Document Relevancy (CONTENT that is relevant to your target market)
3) Technology Optimization (website programing that makes it easy for search engines)

I’ve been helping law firms do just that for years, and I’ve seen how increased attention to quality content and marketing techniques can create more opportunities for business to succeed.

With more than 25 years of experience in law firm marketing, business development and technology, HerrmannLAW will combine branding, technology and analytics to ensure your law firm’s marketing dollars promote your business model, aspirations and you see a return on your

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