Why Seminars Are The Backbone of Your Estates & Trusts Practice

In my time working with Estates and Trusts marketing, I have always emphasized that marketing is a constantly-changing field that requires individuals and companies to adapt in order to learn best practices for maximizing marketing dollars. Law firm marketing is more than simply advertising, public relations and blogs—it involves creating a lasting impression on your clients and prospects to make the firm unique and memorable for your prospects. Cohesive marketing strategies lead to consistent, sustainable growth and business development.

In order to successfully leave this lasting impression, you need to be able to interact with your clients and prospects personally. These individuals are trusting you with their most valuable assets – their family, their passions and their legacies. They need to know you, and you need to build relationships with them that will last not only their lifetime, but the lifetime of their children, grandchildren, and other loved ones.

That’s why SEMINARS should be the backbone of your estates and trusts practice.

Even though seminars have been around forever, their use and success have changed dramatically in recent years. Seminars are more important than ever in this digital, non-personal world, and they require more sophistication now than ever before. They are the single best way to get face-to-face with an estate prospect in a professional, non-threatening, no pressure, no obligation, secure and comfortable off-site environment.

Just imagine having a cup of coffee with all your prospects in a cozy place where they feel comfortable!

Seminars will produce lucrative marketing results, brand and attorney name awareness, enhanced public relations, and strengthened long-term marketing goals. In my own time with living trusts seminars, I have seen a proven return on investment of between 10 to 20 deals per seminar—it is truly an integral part of any marketing strategy. All you have to do after a couple of quick meetings with a seminar marketing professional is “show up and present” your seminar and be available during the following two weeks for post-seminar appointments.

Everything in your marketing toolbox is built around seminars, as they are an integral part of Estates and Trusts marketing. Seminars will provide context for your brand name awareness, your social media marketing, your competition analysis, and even your website technology and traffic. Your brand will become your expertise and the personal touch that you provide to each client, all built around your seminars.