Client Results 2020

Despite the chaos that 2020 has brought, it’s still a great time to be a small law firm.

Why? It’s because small firms are inherently capable of solving big problems. You’re in the business of solving problems… and this pandemic has certainly caused a lot of them.

If you were able to spot the opportunities hidden under the rubble of this year, that’s great!

The law firms best equipped to keep this momentum going into the new year are the ones who keep that drive alive, alongside a solid business development plan to take them to the next level. Because the law firms that have succeeded – and the law firms that will succeed – are the ones that use the power of marketing to stay ahead of the curve.

And at HerrmannLAW, that’s exactly what we’ve achieved. In fact, 2020 has been a banner year for our clients’ growth and development, and I’m excited to share some of the top metrics and new websites with you now. Let’s dive in…

  • Almost 500 viewers accessed our Shavitz Law GIG blog in November 2020 alone.
  • The same blog reached 9,457 people (with 1,096) just within the month of August.
  • We’ve increased the amount of news and blogs posted to our clients’ sites.
  • We’ve also scored a huge deal from our targeted ads with the VA Hospital.
  • We’re seeing consistently higher hits on our clients’ new sites than their previous sites.
  • Clients’ organic keyword traffic is up, and we’re seeing a bounce rate that’s much better with organic traffic.
  • Viewers browsing our custom sites from organic traffic, as well as the time spent on the page, are both higher than industry standards.
  • Time spent on individual biography pages are great.
  • Both mobile traffic and traffic from social media are increasing for our clients.
  • The top landing pages are: Home, Blogs, People, Contact, About Us, Wins.
  • The top second interaction pages are: People, Practice Areas, NEWS/Blogs.
  • We have far exceeded our benchmark likes and follower count for one of our clients of 1600, with EOM totals of 1757 (likes) and 1814 (followers).
  • We have posted five separate Facebook posts and boosted three, with a total reach of 19,000 in one month alone for a law firm client.
  • One of our “Likes: Campaign reached 12,000, our expected target.
  • Total post reach on Facebook was over 11,000.
  • Unique page views on LinkedIn are up month-over-month.
  • Organic traffic is trending up across all client websites.

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