Content marketing: An insight into client-retention strategies

Content Marketing and client relationsBy Paul Herrmann

Content marketing is a specific type of marketing that involves the creation of online material which stimulates interest in a specific product or service. These materials can include videos, blogs, social media and more.
It is an extremely useful tool for client-retention, as it builds trust and loyalty between a client and a company. In order to foster this retention, it is important for companies, especially law firms, to develop clear content marketing strategies and define goals that focus on the most strategic areas of company growth.

This content should be client-centered, meaning that it should be framed around what the client will respond to the best. It is advantageous to use these strategies in order to allow a client to feel like they have a loyal ally in their individual success. In fact, many law firms who use content-marketing strategies have improved their clientele greatly. It is important to keep the following in mind when implementing content-marketing into your business plans:

Your content should be striking and maintain quality. While it is important to produce higher quantities of content, it’s crucial that you never lose the content’s quality. Through a mix of good quantity and quality, your content will reach wider varieties of audiences.

Create a brand. It is important to market your business as a brand, and revolve your content around that brand. A unique style will attract even more people to your firm’s content. Make sure that this content is relatable to your audience.

Keep it simple. At a law firm, it’s easy to focus content around the intricacies of law and legal practice; however, using a conversational tone and simpler language will help more people relate to what you’re saying. You don’t necessarily have to dumb it down, but balancing conversation, examples, humor, and legal jargon will relate better to people.

Use the news. Many great content pieces will come from current events. This is why it’s extremely important to take advantage of the news and what’s trending in order to push your content out to more readers.

Content marketing has proven extremely useful in many businesses, especially within law firms. The legal industry should actively work to incorporate more content-marketing strategies in order to take full advantage of the marketing world.

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