Marketing for Medical Malpractice Law

You’ve probably heard all the words: lead generation, branding, social media, AdWords, web traffic, and more. And while you probably know these are all important parts of marketing, I bet you’ve sometime wondered how all of this can apply to you.

“I have a medical malpractice law firm. How does any of this work for me?”

What if I told you that there IS a way to maximize your marketing dollars by executing a multifaceted marketing plan that incorporates both traditional and newer marketing methods? And what if I told you that we can apply all of this to best serve your medical malpractice firm?

Doubtful? Read ahead.

Marketing is a constantly changing field, and it requires individuals and companies to adapt in order to learn best practices for maximizing marketing dollars. A multifaceted marketing plan will push your firm to local, regional and national levels, and move your brand strategies from simply advertising your law firm to something more robust.

Combining branding, technology and analytics will ensure that your medical malpractice law firm’s marketing dollars promote your business aspirations and that you see a return on your investment. In fact, “Return on Investment” marketing is what we focus on at HerrmannLAW, and we’re prepared to help you take it to the next level.

I know medical malpractice marketing. It will take more than the Yellow Pages, television, radio, and billboards to push your firm to the top. To really promote your business, medical malpractice marketing involves brand name awareness and brand advertising, business development coaching, firm analytics tracking, Google AdWords, a strong public relations plan, solid social media marketing, Facebook Ads,Third Party Display and redirecting Ads, massive SEO, and more.

It will require consideration of seminars, both outbound and inbound for lawyers, not the public, to build you as an expert in your field and to help others understand just how important your services are. Finally,
it is crucial that your presence is amplified to a larger audience by including yourself on law directories such as SuperLawyers, Best Lawyers, Find Law, AVVO and Law Info. These directories have changed their business models to spend a lot of money on GoogleAds, making them hotspots for online searches. Specifically, regarding SuperLawyers, the site is looked to as an outbound source for lawyers from other areas to look for attorneys to whom they want to refer business.

In summary, medical malpractice marketing is a take-no-prisoners approach that will need a multifaceted marketing plan that incorporates both traditional and newer marketing methods to get business today. In a nutshell, you would benefit from taking your present advertising only approach for prospect action into a more thorough “24/7 top-of-mind” marketing approach. I believe adding more marketing to your business development mix will enhance your present advertising strategies and take their marketing ROI to the next level

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