Thriving Through The Crisis

The Intersection of Marketing, Mergers, Technology and Client Service

There’s no denying that the necessary measures taken by organizations to remain functional during the COVID-19 pandemic will alter the way the world operates.  The same is true for law firms, who now face several new challenges. To continue practicing great law, firms will now have to adapt to new ways of listening to increasing concerns of clients during this global pandemic. Furthermore, firms will need to emphasize building their brand, making a presence in a new virtual environment and getting used to a new business model outside of the traditional brick-and-mortar way of doing things.

These new challenges mean that law firms now have an obligation to accommodate new world standards into how they conduct their business to remain relevant. Most importantly, law firms will need to think like start-ups and reimagine their future. You will need to embrace change or disappear. Your competition has already forfeited!

In essence, the whiteboard has been wiped clean. The new whiteboard shows a well balanced strategy by leaders and management to create systems and infrastructure now that will help you not just survive but thrive through this crisis and beyond.

Your new whiteboard must address these crucial elements:

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Recruiting: Be on the right side of the shake-out! Continue to be a leader.
  • Marketing, Business Development and Lead Generation. It’s not just about Facebook and LinkedIn!
  • Technology: Utilize your virtual offices and work from home!
  • How to communicate and listen to clients, virtual staff, prospects, the Courts, and other Law Firms to ensure security and business continuity.
  • Differentiate your delivery of client services in a virtual world.
  • Market Analytics: Obtain sophisticated data on your clients. Know what they are thinking, how you can help and what your competition is doing. Put deep dive analytics at your fingertips.
  • Website 2021: This will be the most important tool in your toolbox!
  • Bring New Ideas: Embrace change, but that change must “bubble up” from within, not cascade down.

Launching a successful strategy requires planning and executing specific tactics to realize your firm’s goals. Thriving is accomplished by successfully implementing these tactics. Contact Paul Herrmann to work with your team to develop and create the ideas for your new whiteboard. Let us show you how your firm can thrive through a crisis.

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